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Rental WiFi
Avoid expensive claims...

If you use international data roaming you will get a high claim.One way to prevent it is to have a mobile WIFI router.With just one WIFI router, you can use data with multiple devices.Of course, there is no need to use international data roaming.Using data freely without worrying about expensive claims will change your travel and business better.

A portable and convenient device

When visiting a foreign country by travel or business, there are few cases to stay in one place.If you have a WIFI router, you can use the GPS map when you move, work at the cafe, and leisurely surf the web while taking a break.The device is compact so you can put it in your pocket.You will not feel stressed in your carrying.

No matter how convenient it is for a WIFI router, you will not want to use it as it is inconvenient to return it.We have five bases in Vietnam and we can deliver to all over Vietnam.For example you can receive it at the base.For example you can receive it at the reception at the hotel check-in.You can receive and return without stress.

Public WiFi "hotspots" in places like cafés, airports, hotels and libraries are convenient but unlike your home computer you don't know what security these networks have or who else may be connected.In the case of WIFI routers, you can only use them (as well as the people you permitted).Therefore, the probability of your Laptop & Phone being compromised will be low.

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