Service Terms and Conditions

I. Scope of Application

  1. This regulatory is applicable when mutual commitment is made between user and service provider, AnnamTelecom, in communication devices and its additional parts (communication device) rental.
  2. Time is designated and set in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh local time.

II. The composition of rental contract

  1. The contract would be made when the regular reservation receipt is sent/received.
  2. The followings are usually not approvable:
    • Based on inventory difficulty
    • Based on violent against contract
    • Based on out of rental scope
  3. However, it would not be applicable based on some other plans.

III. Delivery/Pick Up & Return of the devices

  1. Registration will be from Monday to Friday 1700PM (Ho Chi Minh Time), any registration after 1700(pm) will be counted on the next day.
  2. In case of rental service of other regions, pick up & return can be done at any service counter/office in its working hours.
  3. Japan use rental service could also be done at any service counter/office in its working hours.
  4. Delivery will be sent to designated address. AnnamTelecom will not be responsible in case of delay of delivery, delivery could not be done in designated time range, and additional charge for extension of rental will be required.
  5. User is usually required to ensure all the functions of the devices and report device fault within 48 hours, if no fault report within 48 hours, then AnnamTelecom would assume the devices are working properly.
  6. To Japan use rental service, pick up & return can be done at any service counter/office or delivery service. In case of damage, customer would be required to be responsible for the extra charge/compensation charge, even the devices are damaged while delivery.
  7. Extra charge will be required if missing of contact as such, phone call, email or postal, and AnnamTelecom would not be responsible for any extra charge.
  8. Extra charge would also be required if rental has not been returned in designated due date or any extension of the rental service.
  9. AnnamTelecom will not be responsible for any data capacity balance once the rental contract is expired.

IV. Duration of Rental

Duration of rental will be designated upon users' request.

V. Alteration of registration information

In case of any alteration of user name, address, credit card details, please contact AnnamTelecom as soonest as possible.

VI. Extension of rental contract

  1. In case of alteration of the rental contract, it doesn’t matter of the registration day, but 5 working days is needed to get AnnamTelecom recognized and processed.
  2. In case of extension of rental service, JPN/VN:10 USD=220.000VND/day, other region 15USD=330.000VND/day.
  3. In case of no show on returning day, extra charge will be applicable based on VI.2
  4. In case of extension of rental service has been processed, no cancellation can be made.
  5. No deduction would be made although early return.

VII. Contract Cancellation

  1. In case of cancellation, please contact AnnamTelecom.
  2. In case of cancellation, please contact AnnamTelecom within 48 hours. And just in case of delivery service, please also contact AnnamTelecom . Then, regarding to delivery/postal charge, user would be responsible. If there is no contact on the third day, then extension of rental and late return charge will be applicable. Maximum will be 30 days in after contract cancellation, penalty will be based on X definition.
  3. In case of on line registration, 7 days before or after pick up, no cancellation would be accepted. User must bear the entire amount of rental fee.

VIII. Rental Fee

  1. Rental fee must be paid based on plan and designated fee.
  2. Users, shall pay the fee to AnnamTelecom after the devices returned. However, depending on the contents use, certain claim will be got over 2 months.
    • Rental fee
    • Late return charge
    • Voice call charge
    • Devices charge based on Regulatory 10 & 11
    • Other additional service charge
    • Deposit based on certain plan

IX. Payment Method

Payment will be made under the name of user, name of card user in case. Basically, cash or bank transfer is acceptable. And there would not be any commitment needed to be the settlement of credit card. In case the dispute of using the card issuing address, address n contract can also be used. Then regarding to delivery service provided by professional, delivery handling charge must also need to be paid.

X. Management to devices, damage or lost

  1. Provide utmost care to the devices as responsibility based on how by AnnamTelecom.
  2. Must ensure all functions of devices and optional parts when return to Startelelcom.
  3. In case of malfunction to devices, user must contact AnnamTelecom in timely fashion for device exchange at designated spot or even send off for exchange to designated address.
  4. Would make sure device before device exchange at spot.
  5. If malfunctioning evokes from the reason by user responsibility, the user would be required to pay for the charge based on the . Or in case of any charge or fee for exchange, would be payable to user.
  6. No fee will be reimbursed to 2, 3, 4 of X, in terms of rental fees.
  7. IN case, of robbery, damage or lost during rental period, user must also be responsible for the compensation by settling the entire amount of the device price.
  8. In case of robbery, user must pay all charges that had been happened from voice call/data usage.
  9. There would not be any reimbursement of device charges to user although stolen devices are found after the payment is settlement.
[Price Table 1]
Plan Pocket WiFi Plan / Mobile Plan
Device Japan Use Modem: 9,240,000VND, other regions out of Japan: 9,240,000VND
SIM card JPN use: 1,100,000VND Other region out of Japan: 1,100,000VND
Charger 660,000VND
Protection Case: 660,000VND
USB Cable 440,000VND

*In case of lost of SIM Card & Japan Use Modem, the grand total payable to AnnamTelecom is 12,100,000VND.

XI. Restrictions

  1. Prohibition in after-made, restructuring and re-functionalizing of the devices.
  2. Prohibition in resell, re-rent to third party asides AnnamTelecom.

XII. Fair Usage

  1. Massive use of data capacity in local or overseas may lead internet accessing speed limited, lowered or fail to connection without prior notice.
  2. AnnamTelecom will not be responsible to any reason caused by the above mentioned issued and user must pay the rental charge.

XIII. Insurance

  1. Insurance is available.
  2. Insurance to in case of damage or lost with designated coverage. But not insure to fail to connection or reason which causes by disaster.
  3. Insurance Policy will be effective by showing lost report/certificate by police.

XIV. End of Contract

  1. Return devices on designated return date, rental contract ends.
  2. AnnamTelecom deserves a right to ban the contract and stop the usage of the device without notice to user, in case user commits the followings:
    • False contents have been made on application
    • User's credit is significantly worse
    • Violent against the contract
    • Usage of the device is not in public order.
  3. In case of contract cancellation, user must bear all fees that include any extra fee/debt caused in cancellation in advance.
  4. In case there is no 48 hours prior contact to extension rental, user will be charged based on regulatory VI.2

XV. Alteration of Contract

AnnamTelecom deserves a right to have the contract price change without prior notice, and it would be announced over the official webpage.

XVI. End of Contract

Startelelcom declares that AnnamTelecom will keep all customer data for AnnamTelecom business purpose use.

XVII. Direction of Service Provide

  1. User must seek well acknowledge before using AnnamTelecom service through any document, website(JPN and other regional use services), especially any change of business contents.
  2. User must bear all obligation towards using service that provided by AnnamTelecom. And AnnamTelecom would not be obligated to anything no matter what the reason is.
  3. There would not be any notice to user regarding to fail in connection, that created by disaster.

XVIII. Jurisdiction of the governing law-trial

Users will be needed to obligate and respect to the Vietnamese Law in case of litigation with the present Terms of Use and this Agreement has occurred.

This agreement is effective from 2017-04-25